The Temple Material

This is what i have been called in the recent past. So this post is a story of why i have come to love this name.

Sanctifying Ourselves
“People should not worry as much about what they do but rather about what they are. If they and their ways are good, then their deeds are radiant. If you are righteous, then what you do will also be righteous. We should not think that holiness is based on what we do but rather on what we are, for it is not our works which sanctify us but we who sanctify our works.” (Meister Eckhart – German Writer and Theologian, 1260-1328) This picture was shot along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras), at the junction of Manikarnika Ghat and Scindia Ghat, during the celebrations of Dev Diwali. Everywhere candles are lit as a mark of welcome to God who is believed to descend on earth on that special day. The meaning of this festival is to eradicate our inner demons while meeting the Lord. After leaving king Bali, the Lord rejoined the devas on this day, the devas celebrated His arrival in jubilation and thus Dev Diwali came into being. Though the devas celebrated the Lord’s return, we mortals celebrate Dev Diwali by eradicating our inner demons – the base instincts of ego, anger, greed, lust, … and the resulting manifestation of divinity within.

I love getting dressed traditionally, i have vegetarian food on 4 out of 7 days(for some or the other puja), and i do not feel a shred of unhappiness that i am giving up something like my friends think of it to be. I would not deny the truth that i have a lot of dreams in this life and i continue to ask for support and strength from god to achieve them. But its frustrating when people confuse my faith in god just like a act of selfishness. Its not barter with god, then the priests would have been the richest and the most powerful people of all. But ironically they are not even counted in the elite folks. Life is a journey of ups and downs, we all need courage , we need a voice inside us to tell us that this shall also pass. And for me that voice is my faith in almighty.

I have seen a lot of people who are against the idea of going to the temple , and my father is in the list too. Mostly men are averse to temples. Do they think their machoness is going to go lesser or its a sign of weakness to worship. Or may be they think its uncool. I am not limiting my reasons, people may have many more to not go to temples, i go to look eye to eye of god, and ask him sometimes for justifications for something unfair that happened, thank him for the fortunes, for the miracles which would not happen without his support, and at times to make a shortcut for my happiness. But every time i come back only with a satisfaction that i have shared my emotions with the person who takes care of everything in the world. Its like bcc’ing him on my mail every time.  For me a guy who goes to temple is definitely an aww factor.

We all have different support system and this is mine. And is possibly for the millions of people who go long miles barefoot to show their dedication towards god. Its not that i support the commercialization which is happening to the temples in India, where seeing him is like a dream, where nothing apart from pushing and stampedes happen, and where your prayers are weighed against the money you can offer. If you are doing anything against your own wishes to impress him you are cheating yourself.

This post is not a marketing campaign for God 🙂 Its just a passing emotion which i wanted to pen down, so that years later when i would read my blog post i would know that faith is unshaken no matter what. Also so that we do not challenge each other’s support system.

PS: And yes i am the temple material, and its my faith which makes me strong and will continue to. 🙂





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