2 States – A very OK watch.



By far, the most hyped movie in Bollywood is 2 states, based on novel(true story 😛 ) by Chetan Bhagat. Its a love story of Tam Bram girl and a punjabi boy and the hurdles they go through to get married.

I must say Chetan Bhagat knows how to cater his audience. He knows of his readers very well and what they could relate to most. All his books are made for commercial cinema. Isn’t there at least one love story we all have seen where one party is from the south india and the other party is from the north and each one of will relate to at least some part of the story. I must say i liked the reading the book more than watching the movie or may be the movie just made me realize how average the story actually was. I still would defend chetan bhagat when people call him a blot on the english literature, I feel he writes for people who like stories, who enjoy the simplicity of the english language. If you are really looking a fantasy novel or a national issue or a serious mystery or a piece of literature do not pick his books. He is an author not a novelist.


The movie is very neatly made, Alia did a good job, she definitely overshadowed her costar Arjun Kapoor. Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy definitely had a brilliant screen presence. College goers would love it, because maximum love stories happen there and the movie being shot in IIM Ahmedabad, makes it even more attractive, since its most sort after college for MBA aspiring college students. The music is average, my favorite being Chaandaniya by Mohan.

I strongly feel parents should watch the movie, to realize the kind of petty issues they fight about when it comes to marrying their children. If two individuals are settled in their lives they are mature enough to choose their life partners and it is always a safer bet than seeking a spouse for your son/daughter about whom you hardly know anything.The concept of marriages, family has revolutionized itself so much, that the borders/cultures/rituals are almost non existent.

PS:Alya’s clothes be it western or Indian are also worth mentioning and so are the locations they have shot the movie at.



A very long side affect :Shaadi Ke Side/Effects: A movie review


Pata hai ki Pyaar aur shaadi karke pachtana hai par phir bhi karna hai 😛 (you know you would suffer in love and marriage but can you escape the tempt of either)

A movie with a lot of expectations has really disappointed us. Shaadi ke Side Effects, sequel of the movie pyaar ke side effects which was a much better watch. Farhan and Vidya, we expected this to be better.

I would not say, the movie was bad or a terrible watch. It was definitely a better watch than the super hits of our salman and akshay bhai, but i expected more creativity and at least a story. Of course , the name says it all, its about the post effects of a highly successful love affair, its a movie about a tragedy called “marriage”. A boy meets a girl, a beautiful love story blossoms, boy proposes to her in a hot balloon in an exotic international location and then get married. Woohhooo.  All of it is sugary and nice till the entry of our baby doll(Their kid). The guy misses his freedom, his long lost girl friend who has now become his boring wife and more importantly his daughter’s mother and of course a life with no bounds. And just to keep his successful marriage on, he invents a strategy and miserably fails in it. Oh by the way in all this the sole culprit is the wife, the movie should have been named, “ladke pe shaadi ke side effects” because the girl is always happy in the shaadi.

“Good Part of the movie: Neither of them cheat though they are frustrated and the funny scenes really are funny, especially the potty color one:P “


But its a little true too, we only see the guy complaining and sobbing about losing his over hyped bachelorhood even in real life too, because behind this strong macho man, we have a weak stupid creature, who is not prepared for anything at anytime of his life(at least till a guy is 50 years old). The girl on the other hand embraces every change in her life with happiness, she is not pretending and that’s why she is happy be it leaving her parents, becoming a mother(oh yes, she too has a career, which she leaves, she too gives away her flawless figure) with a smile. She knows her priorities. Okay so before i make my blogpost a battle of sexes, i better come back to the movie.


“Bad Part: Too long, and dude, i thought they were not financially settled, then how do they go to such exotic location, such plush restaurants(okay both of them are working) and their house(okay that’s on house loan), but really are you kidding me, in a place like mumbai, a struggling musician who does not have even one album of his own cannot afford all this. “

Entertaining, funny and amazing music is always guaranteed when farhan is in the movie, but people you stretched it really long. There has to be story, a beginning, a plot, an ending for the audience to watch it for 3 hrs, of course no body wants to sit and watch one single scene, draped in different colors and dialogs everytime. Shaadi is a pain, we get it but what next. The movie may be enjoyed by the guys who have got married young and now think are caged in the shackles of marriage but guys this also is a learning, running away from the problem is not the solution. So guys and girls take your time ,enjoy and then settle down with someone you think with whom you can share your problems with and will have the maturity to understand you.

One time watch but still a 3/5.

My favorite tracks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_sAIw92Hlg( especially for the location)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXcbBlpIncs (for Farhan’s voice and lyrics)

Love Vs EGO… who wins??

Ego vs Love

Human beings possess a serious problem. They crave for attention, no matter how much some of us would deny, deep down we all are a bit of wannabes. Each one of us are desperately trying to impress someone; it could be your dad, your boss, your crush, your girlfriend or your teacher. We all want to emerge as heroes in front of them.

Since I can write best for people of my age, we youngsters are always trying to be our best in front of our crushes or people with whom we see a opportunity 😉 of a relationship of love. So it’s not very easy to become that hero, whoever has tried will know. We really go beyond us at times. Just for an example, you might be lethargically sitting on your sofa, when your dad tells you to drop a cheque in the drop box at a nearby bank, and your immediate response on that  will be. “daddy its weekend, my only holiday, please don’t make me work today at least”, instead if the girl you are dreaming off, or the guy who has swept you away, gives you a call and tells you if you would be free to accompany him/her to a bank which is miles away from your place, what would your response be? no prizes for guessing, it would be a YES. A couple of people I know will pounce on me and say, I am being a hypocrite and it’s not like that. They would not give up on their sleep for a outing which may or may not be a date. But I speak for most of them; some exceptions are always there :). So now you see how much we have given up just to make someone happy. 😉 😉

Then you also start caring, you will be concerned, but like a human being craves for attention, they also possess a serious problem. They CANNOT HANDLE ATTENTION. A lot of times the male kind is blamed to do it more, but I strongly feel that not being able to handle attention is not a gender based problem. We feel we need someone who cares for us, but mostly we end up feeling suffocated and caged when we are being cared and pampered for too much, and quite a few times it’s because we don’t get the attention from the right person.


So the cycle is:  you give attention-> the other person feels you are getting too pushy and why do they need to care for when you already care so much -> you feel bad, not cared for like a doormat -> and then our second hero Mr. EGO steps in -> We feel horrible that we are being taken for granted and there are enough people who care for us, we don’t need anyone else to do that.

And then the actual fight starts, between Love and Ego, because love will always tell you that if you have an ego issue with the person you like then you are mistaken about the liking, because its solely your problem, you gave them value, then you should have continued to do so without  building your string of expectations, but then Ego also presents its own valid set of arguments you can’t afford to fore go, he would say, you care and other person never caring will land you up in a ditch which you have dug for yourself.  So why not give them a chance to give you value and you behave like you do not care. But the other person who is totally unaware of your masterminded plans here, will treat you the same way, unless they realize they are not getting the same amount of importance as they always used to from you. And then may be, could be,  they start making an effort and miss your presence in their life and start caring for you, but then again you will suffer from not able to handle attention syndrome and eventually they will from ego hurt. So it’s all a vicious circle which will continue forever.

Poor love is sometimes bashed up down the road by ego and his friends like attitude, rationale, logic and practicality.  But sometimes love needs that bashing, because some of us, just are so plain and blindly stupid, that we fail to see how much of our self respect is being hurt caring for someone who is totally indifferent about it. But also they say, only light can drive out darkness and love can drive out hate, if someone is being sweet in his/her own ways may be not exactly like you wanted then, one should just stop measuring them against their standards of expectations they have fulfilled.  The war between your heart(love) and mind(ego) can be simply waved off if only you could measure up to each other. The whole point is, if after a while of caring for someone you can clearly make out that the other person is worth it or not. If not its better to stay away, because self hurt is no justice to any form of love 🙂

Even when I was writing this post, I realized how stupid we get in life; yet again I come around and realize that for me my ego can never overpower my love.


PS: All the examples listed in this post are completely fictional 🙂 and any resemblance to my life or any other character is purely intended and not coincidental 😛 The whole incident above does not necessary apply to love between a couple but also between friends, family and colleagues. I think it even applies between you and your pet, if no matter how hard you try your dog is not willing to give you a handshake, its best to pat him on his back and move on 🙂

Images Courtesy: Google and my sharp sense of search 😉

Rough Look is a big NO on a DATE ;) ;). Shave or Crave Men :)

I still remember daddy rubbing his stubble  cheeks against my soft ones when i was year or two and how much i found it cute. But i have now left that day long behind. And now whenever i see men with  beard or stubble, i wonder what unfortunate stuff has happened to them, why have they become another Devdas ;). Trust me even sharukh did not look good in that look.  The clean shave look is so in for all roles and occasions, especially on a time out with a girl. Some people argue saying, clean shave guys don’t look manly enough, but i thought your actions spoke more for your manliness 😉 . A guy whose face has to be searched under his beard, is such a big turn off.

Imagine if your girl had beard on her face would you even feel like looking at her? Yes a guy and a girl are different i know that 😉 but a clean shave does not even take more than a couple of minutes and is not even  painful as Waxing. But look at the advantages, your face will light up her eyes, and make you a great day.

But i guess you guys already know that the clean shaven look is the most decent to be, that’s why you would see them neatly dressed, with no stubble on a day of their interview then why not on a date, When all a girl looks out for is a guy whose cheeks can pulled and said woogly woogly wush (like the ponds ad).  Okay, “woogly woogly wush”  is not corny or cheesy or any chauvinistic term of a guy, but it cute :), the real men would know.  I can imagine any guy(fair or dark or wheatish) clean shaven with a nice pair of clothes(casuals or formals) with a sun glasses on, make any girl fall flat for them.

And you don’t want her hands coming close to hold you by your face and kiss you get hurt with your poky stubble on.  A girl is soft like a petal, let her touch your soft skin.  :)..

So what are you waiting for? Become her teddy bear and get ready to be hugged and kissed 🙂 with your neat, stubble free look. 🙂

Leave the roughness behind and show her the gentleman in you :). So Better Shave then Crave 😛

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with BlogAdda.com

PS: I know all the girls out there would be shouting “Yay!, Yay!” at my blog post and guys just immersed in deep thoughts thinking “Really, is this true” 😉 ;).. But i hope i hurt no sentiments and sorry if i did,  It is a competition for an Ipad, i could not afford to miss 🙂

Opening Night- Diksha Basu

Madhu Stars: 2.5/5
All human beings Rich or poor, black or white, have one thing in common, DREAMS. And it takes tremendous amount of passion to follow them, fulfill them and this journey to hug our desires defines our lifetime.
Opening Night might not say everything from its name, but it’s a journey of many lows and very few highs of our Lead character, Naiya Kapur.  She is an Indian, born and brought up in America. She has a comfortable, sheltered life with her father. Though not very studious, she bagged herself a job in a corporate, wore stylish clothes, but gradually her high heels and pencil skirt life got monotonous like all ours. And just like all of us, at a moment she ponders, “Was this is all I dreamed off? Am I supposed to do this work all my life” And then she was bitten, in fact smitten by the Acting Bug. After performing for a small play in theatre, she felt this is what she was made for, and then as you all could have guessed, she packed her bags and ran away to mahanagari Mumbai, leaving her dreary, humdrum life behind.
In Mumbai She met people, roamed aimlessly on streets of Bandra, fell in love, had a series of disappointments, but her roomies, jess and Dino, added a glow to her life.
 But will Naiya survive? Will her “Happily ever after “dreams come true? Will she ever have an opening Night? Or will she be bored again here in Mumbai and pack her bags back to her life in America? Grab a copy to know.
 I enjoyed the book given the Bollywood touch to it. It’s predictable at times, but still holds you.  One thing which stood out for me personally was the traditional culture which Naiya held to, she never fell into bed with every stranger she met, she took her dad’s advice, she knew what she had to do and never compromised on that, may be her dollars helped her as well. 🙂
Yes the book drags, and after a point you can guess that she would not make it at all, there is only disappointments and isolation.
But all in all, it’s a good pass time book, with very few moments which makes you stare at the page and think for a while.

An overmade Cocktail with overactors.

Chadi mujhe yaari teri aisi jaisi daaru desi…Lekin movie dekhe sab utar gayi….


Daaru desi and Tum hi bhando are two such songs which are playing non stop on the ipods, phones, mp3 players on most of the youngsters, and they are from the very very hyped movie “Cocktail”. I honestly admit that i also love these songs and was dying to watch the  movie. But i witnessed the stark reality and the emptiness in the movie after i watched it.By the way did any of you guys who watched the movie realize why it was named so?

The movie begins with a 40 odd guy, Mr Saif, oops Gautam who is potrayed as a young, handsome hunk keeping the potential of wooing any girl. Sorry Gautam your broken cheeks and holes under your eyes are clearly visible. I guess Saif din eat much at home, because in the movie, most of the scenes he is found eating.Saif is a good actor, but his dialogues and acting seems very fake here. I loved him Kal ho na ho. But what to do, Sh** happens 😉


Then is the entry of the only sensible actress of the movie, Daina Penty a.k.a Meera, one who may not have acted very well but definitely did not overact like the rest. Her clothes are actually good and her good looks have kept her floating.

We finally have the kingfisher godess “Deepika Padakone” in the shortest possible clothes. All she wanted to do in the movie was remove her clothes and Pee. Yes watch the movie if you don’t believe me. Deepika sorry, but you did not look good, and not very hot. The only scene very she is bearable is when she wears a churidar and her acting is a little better and not over the top like other times. Oh by the way she is known as Veronica in the movie, i believe she was offered the role of Meera but she had already played it in Love aaj kal so din take it. I personally feel, she thought she would be the sacrificial goddess and hog the limelight… oops it din happen.

The plot of the movie is nothing to discuss at all, its a love triangle, nothing more to see since. its nothing more than a triangle. Poor Veronica feels Gautam will turn out to be like Justin Timeberlake in Friends with Benefits and fall in love with her, but unfortunately after Meera undergoes a make over and the salwar suit clad girl now turns into a Hip hot chic and Gautam drools over her. Here westernization is explained as sleeping with every guy you meet and then walk away without your pants on. There is no storyline at all.

So if you want to see, beautiful clothes, beautiful places and some freeze breeze(Diana Penty) and also have to power to bear a cheesy storyline, and two overactors all the way, Cocktail is ready for you.

Madhu stars:2/5

The train affair…Episode #4. :)

For episode #1:

For episode #2:

For episode #3:

Patience always pays… but don’t ask the timelines :P. Little Kettle

It was almost a month after the heart breaking incident with Shikar, I got an email from him. He had tried to get in touch on phone quite a few times before, but i felt so small in front of him, that i stopped taking his calls or openly ignored him. My ego was hurt.



The email went like this,

To my cute train mate,

I have no clue why i am writing this email to you, or if this email would change your mind. I just felt it was important to let you know what i feel. Firstly i want to sincerely apologize for not turning up on our “Date” and behaving so indifferent with you though it was my fault. It somehow felt very difficult for me to ask for “Sorry” from someone whom i hardly knew, but yet i went ahead and tried to get in touch with you quite a few times. All the while you where taking revenge from me, for what i did unintentionally.  Whether you believe it or not, a guy takes very few things seriously in his life, and when he does, the other person should realize her importance ;). You came into my life like fresh breeze and just left without any notice.Its too hot, and i need the breeze back.. Ok that was a bad line but it just means, i am sorry, can we be friends again?



I was so happy to see his email that i did not care much what was written in it, i started pondering on the thought that how he got my email id, then i realized that he picked it from FB. His words “To my cute train mate,” started ringing in my mind and made me feel like i had won the battle. Yes for a moment that is what i felt. And then i realized i was being such a kid. I felt its time now i forgive him and get back to his life, so i quickly messaged him on his cell, telling “Its OK and we are friends”. I immediately got a reply “:)” from him.

He then asked me for my address, this was a little uncomfortable for me, because i really did not know him that well to invite him home, also my mom was not aware, of my little secret train affair. But it would be awkward to ask him “why”, just when i was pondering on these thoughts, my phone beeped again. He had messaged again, he told “chill i am not gonna kidnap you, just wanted to pick you up from your place, since this time i don’t want history to repeat” . I messaged back telling “if this time history repeats, there will be no cold war but a world war”.

Finally we decided a place and i ensured that it was close to the place we worked, so that we could meet after office. The place was called “The little Kettle”. I did not dress to my best, since i was scared to be very hopeful this time, i just wore regular clothes. I was done with work on time and reached  “The little kettle” to find him there before me. I gave him a smile and felt a little weird at this situation.


We started speaking of our work, life, families, and then finally our Ex’s. It initially seemed as though we were set up to see each other by our parents but slowly my true self was out, and i was yap yap yap all the time. He turned out to be a very patient listener.  We somehow clicked well together. There was a unsaid bond between each other , and we were already loving each others company. We did not even realize when it was past 3 hrs, he insisted on dropping me back home, but i was a little doubtful. Sensing my apprehension, he said he would wait till i get a bus to home. I happily agreed.  But after that what happened truly amazed me. He followed me till my bus stop. It scared me and also made me feel special. He was not the kinds who would stalk or kidnap me but still we hardly knew each other. I still trusted my instinct and let him drop me back home.

Life is so unpredictable at times. I never expected that the nerdy, rude, arrogant looking guy would someday follow me and drop me back home. I guess my happiness had no bounds because I had not expected any of this to happen.

Thank you Shikar. But the series of surprises had just started. I went home and opened his FB page and started checking his pictures as we all do. But life takes you on high and then drops you from sky. In one of the recent uploaded pics,  some guy was pouting out to him. What the hell!!!!.. Was Shikar gay??


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