Finding Fanny..A movie review.



I think the time for no masala and non commercial hindi movies has arrived. Bollywood is now growing up. Finding Fanny is a story set in a small village called Pocolim in Goa about finding Fredie’s(Naseerudin) long lost love, a pretty Goan named Fanny.  And the whole team of not so perfect broken people set out in the search of a girl whom no one else knows apart from Fredie. It is not a very organized story where you have a perfect start and end, but its like an episode from the lives of the characters.

It has an amazing cast, its been really time we saw legends like Pankaj Kapoor, Naseruddin Shah come together on stage. I must say Deepika, Arjun and our very hot Dimple Kapadia did a brilliant job.There is also a Cat which meets a bad end but brilliant acting by the cat too :P.

Every character is portraying a different trait of human kind. Naseerudin Shah is an old man, whose child like innocence just takes your heart away. He is so loving yet  so deperately searching for someone’s love. Dimple is an embodiment of strength, who has faced deceit, loss of family , yet is so compassionate towards every other person. She so simply proves, one who rocks the cradle, rules the world. Pankaj Kapoor is my favorite in the movie. He is like the most amazing artist. Acting is cakewalk for this man.Though he is shown as a gross, perverted old man, he makes the movie so colorful. Deepika, a young widow , trying to make the fullest of whatever she has. We normally would expect her to immersed in sorrow but she is a girl who takes charge to find love for a dear friend and so selflessly sets out on a strange journey. Her character tells us that if you lose people in your life, your life does not end , it goes on and you never know a miracle might be knocking on your door. And finally Arjun , our angry young man, who pretends to be a man of ego and arrogance , but yet is a very kind and sweet person from the within. There is not much to say about the story of movie but its only the beauty and simplicity of life and characters you need to look out for.  Sometimes movies mean more than entertainment.

I saw the movie in english and i must admit, i would have enjoyed it better had i seen it in hindi.  There is amazing goan music throughout the movie, which really suits the movie. It is slow, yet the effortless comedy keeps you going.Its not mainstream cinema.

We all must one day set out on a journey to find our fanny, and to find out they found her , go watch the movie :).




English Vinglish- A family entertainer

Movie: English Vinglish

Actors: Sreedevi. Rest i need to google them 😛

Madhu Stars: 3.5

I know the review for this comes very very late, but anyways it at least comes. English Vinglish a movie which achieved a lot of things which others in this time can hardly dream off. It somehow deserves all the hype it made.  Firstly it did not star a hot beauty but it stared an old beauty Sreedevi  who definitely is much better an actor than most of the Bollywood’s tinsel town beauties. At least you can make out if she is expressing sorrow or happiness 😉 😉 we hardly have heroines who can even do that. Secondly its a complete family entertainer – by this i mean a movie which can be watched even with your grand parents.  I do not even remember when i could comfortably watch a movie even with my brother. Thirdly and most important, the theme of the movie is very smartly chosen given it appeals to a huge household crowd of our country. My mother must have told about twenty times that “yes Sreedevi you are right” 😛 .

The story deals with a woman who though belongs to the twentieth century, lacks  the biggest qualification  to survive in the world of her teenage daughter and a husband with a white-collar job. She knows to make the best laddus in the world, but she does not know to communicate proficiently in English. I know a lot of us have dealt with an embarrassment to take our mom/dad to school because their command over this foreign language was weaker than our friends parents. So now its fight back time and time for Sreedevi to emerge as the Super woman. And  in reel life stuff is made very easy.  Sreedevi gets to go abroad to attend a marriage and joins an english class there to improve on the language.  It’s a journey with her classmates there and how she emerges as a confident person after learning English. And after a month’s class, she starts speaking english better than hindi :P…I don know how much of it is really possible in our real life, but i still like the natural stint of her MTF(mother tongue influence) in her english even after learning it. But the climax is when she is torn between her previous avatar of a homely wife, a caring mother and her struggle for the betterment of her own individual self.

The movie did not hit the right chords everywhere, it was way away from reality and sometimes it did not stick to the theme., but seeing a movie with no exposing scenes, nice energetic songs, and sentimental scenes made it work.

Sometimes i feel our national language should be English, given it is so important, at least then it will be a mandate in all schools and we will have only English medium schools. I am not one of them who would take out a morcha/dharna against English to safeguarding the interests of Hindi. Practically you need English everywhere.

But i really felt, Sreedevi needed more lessons in Hindi than in English :P…

PS: My favorite song from the movie is Man-hat-tan—— Aadmi-topi-dhup ki chap… 😛 😉 😉 Tan is dhup ki chap, that’s out of my world :).

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Opening Night- Diksha Basu

Madhu Stars: 2.5/5
All human beings Rich or poor, black or white, have one thing in common, DREAMS. And it takes tremendous amount of passion to follow them, fulfill them and this journey to hug our desires defines our lifetime.
Opening Night might not say everything from its name, but it’s a journey of many lows and very few highs of our Lead character, Naiya Kapur.  She is an Indian, born and brought up in America. She has a comfortable, sheltered life with her father. Though not very studious, she bagged herself a job in a corporate, wore stylish clothes, but gradually her high heels and pencil skirt life got monotonous like all ours. And just like all of us, at a moment she ponders, “Was this is all I dreamed off? Am I supposed to do this work all my life” And then she was bitten, in fact smitten by the Acting Bug. After performing for a small play in theatre, she felt this is what she was made for, and then as you all could have guessed, she packed her bags and ran away to mahanagari Mumbai, leaving her dreary, humdrum life behind.
In Mumbai She met people, roamed aimlessly on streets of Bandra, fell in love, had a series of disappointments, but her roomies, jess and Dino, added a glow to her life.
 But will Naiya survive? Will her “Happily ever after “dreams come true? Will she ever have an opening Night? Or will she be bored again here in Mumbai and pack her bags back to her life in America? Grab a copy to know.
 I enjoyed the book given the Bollywood touch to it. It’s predictable at times, but still holds you.  One thing which stood out for me personally was the traditional culture which Naiya held to, she never fell into bed with every stranger she met, she took her dad’s advice, she knew what she had to do and never compromised on that, may be her dollars helped her as well. 🙂
Yes the book drags, and after a point you can guess that she would not make it at all, there is only disappointments and isolation.
But all in all, it’s a good pass time book, with very few moments which makes you stare at the page and think for a while.

“Shor in the city” is definitely not Shor :)…Its a complete entertainer.

DirectorsKrishna D.K.Raj Nidimoru

WritersKrishna D.K. (story), Raj Nidimoru (story)

StarsSendhil RamamurthyTusshar Kapoor and Nikhil Dwivedi

IMDB: 7.4

Yes!! I know the movie was released long back and did quite well but somehow went unnoticed (this is what, happens mostly, with the good movies), but i watched it today and after very long i saw a movie which caught my attention for the whole of it and definitely deserved a review.

The movie centers on the story of 3 young men in the city of dreams and crime, “Mumbai “, all of whom have very different lives, are very unique individuals but still when you watch the movie, you would never feel it’s 3 stories put together, but rather feel 1. And as all of you know many directors (big names) have failed when they have tried to assimilate the magic of many stories together, and on have blamed their failure on the lack of depth in the audience who has failed to understand their movies. But SITC(shot for “shor in the city”) has captured the lives of these men and Raj Nidimoru(Director sahab) has so well knitted them together and the linking he gave just did not seem unreal.

If i talk of the main protagonists of the movie, we have an NRI who wants to start a “chotabusiness which may not seem as a very difficult task but he is harassed by a group of extortionist who start tracking him and following him everywhere he goes just because they want to earn some easy money and he becomes an easy target. Well they under-estimate their prey and pay for it. Loved Senthil Ramurthy for his natural performance.

The next guy is hamara “Tushar kapoor” whom i must say is a good actor. His journey in the film industry may not have been very good but he has done justice to his roles. This guy is a simple and a very genuine person. He runs a “Publishing house” or i would say “A second-hand  publishing house” who sell books at a much cheaper rate than the big book stores. I actually have bought a lot of books like that :). He helps his friends in petty crimes though strongly believes in Nonviolence. His life overturns when he reads Alchemist and realizes the true meaning of life. The performance of his friends is worth mentioning too.

And our last story is about a young aspiring cricketer, “Sawan Moorthy” who is stuck between corrupted selectors who promise him to take him into the team if he bribes them and between his girl “Sejal” whose parents want her to get married ASAP. He plans to rob a bank, though he does not rob it, he still gets the money but does not bribe. I somehow felt this cricketer to be Ambati Raidu, though it’s not his story but still found a few similarities. Not to hurt any feelings here.

There are no big names in this movie but yes there are small names doing big roles. Worth watching, take some time out and watch it. You would not regret, after all a movie has to hold to you for just 2 hours. And this one does it brilliantly well.

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Rating and details:IMDB

Its gonna be love, its gonna be great, its gonna be more than i can take :)

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One of the most romantic movies i have seen is “A walk to remember” based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. Though i am romantic movie buff and have seen almost all high school love stories, this one touched my heart.The movie is woven around a very simple plot, boy meets girl , do not fall in love initially but then they do and then they grow so passionate about each other and then Boom  the girl is diagnosed with leukemia. The guy and the girl are shattered, helpless. But the way the story is carried out is most amazing. Its about how an unruly, charismatic and famous high school boy Landon falls for the Reverend’s daughter Jamie who is an epitome of good behavior and love and goes out in the night to a graveyard to see stars and planets.

Its remarkable to watch how the Landon grows in her love and does every possible thing so that she witnesses a miracle. There is a lot to write about the movie, but this is not a review but an effort that all you guys out there who have fallen in true love and those who hope that one day they will, to go and watch the movie. The movie can be easily found and one of the most melodious songs is “Its gonna be love” by Mandy Moore who has given her voice and also is the lead actress in the movie.

Couple of my favorite scenes from the movie are

1.When bad pictures of  Jamie are printed on pamphlets and distributed in school by Landon’s Ex, Jamie is all shattered and runs back and falls  into Landon’s arms and thats the same feeling when you fall in the arms of your love.

2.When Landon imprints a Butterfly Tatoo on Jamie’s shoulder and looks at her with immense love, you will eventually either fall in love with Landon or Jamie or start imagining yourself there. 🙂

3.When Landon hugs her on her hospital bed and Jamie passes away in his arms.

Jamie never died but will live forever in his heart, might sound cliche but when you watch the movie you will say the same. Valentines day has gone but every day is a new day to celebrate love.