When i decided to leave Facebook

Happiness is a state of mind. And life these days is incomplete without sharing that state with your friends,friends of friends and everyone who has connectivity to internet. Yes i am talking about sharing happy moments on Facebook.

So when everything was so happy on Facebook, why did i leave it? I left it because Facebook told me that everyone in the world was happy except me. Every time i would open my FB page,  there would be at least 3 friends who have got married, 4 friends who have got engaged, 2 friends having a baby, 5 friends moving to the US, and another 50 friends having checkins at places you were always waiting to go, and you , the small pathetic you, is scrolling through their smiles on your FB wall, while munching some unhealthy stuff.

I sulked and sulked to think why my life was so sad, i was not even able to count my blessings, and all that i could think off was the countless issues i had with life, be it professional or personal. This is called the Facebook Depression(this is in my medical terminology 😛 ).  But nevertheless, i still clung on to this self torture, but soon i got the blow. The strong person inside me, decided to show the world, that i also can smile and i went ahead and posted a status brimming with philosophy only to check every five minutes to see how many likes i got, but when the likes were crawling, i decided to post a picture and the response was not very different. The likes were less not because the picture was not great but may be because the picture exposed my desperate attempt to get my life back.

And my relationship with facebook was so self inflicting and excruciating that i needed to stop this and move on. And the break up was for good. Its been close to 1.5 years that we have not looked back at each other, because he always found company of people who feeded on the the likes their pictures got and those “awww” comments their statuses got and i finally found Peace.

I finally see happiness in my life, get more time to talk to my parents, spend no time taking a 100 selfies for a perfect DP, and do things which make me happy. I no longer feel the need to tell those 500 odd friends what issues i am dealing with and which place i am having my dinner tonight. Those friends who really want to tell me what’s changing in their life, will call me to tell me, they will not send me a group invite for their wedding, and neither will I.

I opened Facebook today, because i wanted to see if Facebook has included a reason like “Why only my life sucks while everyone else’s is flourishing” 😛 when you try to deactivate your account :), it hasn’t. And my wall is still filled with the same old stories.  🙂

This post is not against FB but against every that thing that makes you unhappy but we still find are tempted to go through pain. And if i could break-free, anyone can.

So if you are always in a troubled relationship with Facebook, its time you breakup and start an amazing new year. 🙂




Which color is it?

If you are a guy by now at least once you and your friend from the opposite gender have fought over the topic of color. Remember how many rounds of examining happened over the white or blue dress. I too have a small test, tell me what color is the dress below:


While you see the color of the dress as green, your girl friend will see it as Olive green, and you thought olives are used only with reference of food 🙂 . There is a complete list of these referential colors such as  laguna blue,  Sea green, hot magenta…This is not a gender bias agenda, you might be a guy and may have a perfect sense of colors, but its just that i fail to see what is the big fuss about knowing the right color.

And when there is a discussion of which color it is, i usually prefer to keep quiet, since my girl friends around talk in the crayon color language, which is just not my cup of tea. And being a girl if you also identify colors as just Green/Blue/Yellow then it might be interpreted in a hundred different ways.

I have always identified colors as simple as black and white unless very recently when i realized that you are almost insulting the person’s clothes if you do not know the right color of it. I still would fumble to know if its violet or purple. Yeah i am that bad.

But its an interesting sense to have nevertheless its not a mandatory sense to have either.  After all we still manage with 50 Shades of Grey . 🙂 So if you know then good for you, and if you do not know the exact color, then ask them 🙂 They might give you a little history along with it too.


PS: If you want to indulge into the trance of colors, this page is for you :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Crayola_crayon_colors







The Temple Material

This is what i have been called in the recent past. So this post is a story of why i have come to love this name.

Sanctifying Ourselves
“People should not worry as much about what they do but rather about what they are. If they and their ways are good, then their deeds are radiant. If you are righteous, then what you do will also be righteous. We should not think that holiness is based on what we do but rather on what we are, for it is not our works which sanctify us but we who sanctify our works.” (Meister Eckhart – German Writer and Theologian, 1260-1328) This picture was shot along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benaras), at the junction of Manikarnika Ghat and Scindia Ghat, during the celebrations of Dev Diwali. Everywhere candles are lit as a mark of welcome to God who is believed to descend on earth on that special day. The meaning of this festival is to eradicate our inner demons while meeting the Lord. After leaving king Bali, the Lord rejoined the devas on this day, the devas celebrated His arrival in jubilation and thus Dev Diwali came into being. Though the devas celebrated the Lord’s return, we mortals celebrate Dev Diwali by eradicating our inner demons – the base instincts of ego, anger, greed, lust, … and the resulting manifestation of divinity within.

I love getting dressed traditionally, i have vegetarian food on 4 out of 7 days(for some or the other puja), and i do not feel a shred of unhappiness that i am giving up something like my friends think of it to be. I would not deny the truth that i have a lot of dreams in this life and i continue to ask for support and strength from god to achieve them. But its frustrating when people confuse my faith in god just like a act of selfishness. Its not barter with god, then the priests would have been the richest and the most powerful people of all. But ironically they are not even counted in the elite folks. Life is a journey of ups and downs, we all need courage , we need a voice inside us to tell us that this shall also pass. And for me that voice is my faith in almighty.

I have seen a lot of people who are against the idea of going to the temple , and my father is in the list too. Mostly men are averse to temples. Do they think their machoness is going to go lesser or its a sign of weakness to worship. Or may be they think its uncool. I am not limiting my reasons, people may have many more to not go to temples, i go to look eye to eye of god, and ask him sometimes for justifications for something unfair that happened, thank him for the fortunes, for the miracles which would not happen without his support, and at times to make a shortcut for my happiness. But every time i come back only with a satisfaction that i have shared my emotions with the person who takes care of everything in the world. Its like bcc’ing him on my mail every time.  For me a guy who goes to temple is definitely an aww factor.

We all have different support system and this is mine. And is possibly for the millions of people who go long miles barefoot to show their dedication towards god. Its not that i support the commercialization which is happening to the temples in India, where seeing him is like a dream, where nothing apart from pushing and stampedes happen, and where your prayers are weighed against the money you can offer. If you are doing anything against your own wishes to impress him you are cheating yourself.

This post is not a marketing campaign for God 🙂 Its just a passing emotion which i wanted to pen down, so that years later when i would read my blog post i would know that faith is unshaken no matter what. Also so that we do not challenge each other’s support system.

PS: And yes i am the temple material, and its my faith which makes me strong and will continue to. 🙂




A year that wasn’t !!! 2015

Last year at this time i had thought 2015, would be the most eventful year of my life, a lot of things would change and blah blah.

But life has not picked up much pace from it was a year ago. Now i am hoping that at least next year will be more eventful. Nevertheless it was definitely a year of great learning, tearful farewells,  and of course small spells of happiness. May be they were big showers, but the skeptical me is hardly happy. 😀

For few of my friends, life is still the same, they are still going to Goa to celebrate new years like always :). But even without introspection, i can tell you that things have changed for me.There was a time when 31st night was a huge thing to celebrate, but as years passed, i grew old , it has now become a night which is dreaded, since i know now more friends are going to be married, more competition will be born, and i have no brownie points to add to my resume.

In spite of all these fears, i will still cherish, memories of a good friend’s marriage, the mistakes that i made and learnt from, and will hope that next year is an amazing journey of happiness, love and imperfections.


My mantra for the coming year, is Listen, Sustain and Dream.

I have missed on learning from many people in my life, because the conversations with me were often monologues, i never cared or understood what the other person would want to say. Listening is what i really want to work on, even if i disagree with the other person or i feel they are rumbling nonsense. When we listen, we understand, empathize and respect the other person’s thoughts.

I am someone who gives up very easily, i do not even give it a second thought when i see challenges, because i feel i’m too weak mentally to sustain. But good things do not come easy, no one has an overnight success.I will work harder, without results, i will sustain because even i do not succeed i will learn.


Quoting Messi “I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year, it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.”

And lastly, do not stop dreaming. It is the most powerful weapon human being possesses. I dream everyday about a million things i want to do. They give me a hope that things one day if not perfect will be beautiful.

On this note, i wish all of you reading this a very happy and joyous new year. May this year be a great one for all of us 🙂

Quoting a friend “We can never have everything but happiness is something which we can always :)”


Swachh Bharat starts at Home.Source:Reward me

See if you can spot the cat in picture below: If you did not spot, lets clean up a bit 🙂


“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.” for Theme1

The article https://www.rewardme.in/home/home-decor/article/5-simple-surprising-cleaning-tips-youll-love from rewardme really got me thinking, if cleaning my home or cupboard is really such a big task.


We are all talking and educating everyone of swachh Bharat but every single day we are overturning all the clothes in cupboard because we do not find that one shirt of kurta we want to wear. We are all scared of even opening our cupboard of clothes or books , worrying it may all fall on us(given that we dumped all of them there).

And trust me it takes preparation of mind to even plan to clean the cupboard. But the rewardme article suggests some really cool tips. Listen to your favourite songs and clean the rack. It really works. Tested and trusted.

If friends stay close by, they could all do a get together at some friends house and target cleaning it. But i am scared this idea might backfire and the place might get dirtier 😛

Another cool tip was keeping a recurring schedule for when you would clean your cupboard. This way you will have it at the back of your mind that you have do this task. Another awesome idea which i had read somewhere over the net is instead of stacking your clothes one over the other arrange in vertical fashion like below. Make proper compartments to divide your clothes. This way your cupboard is disturbed very less.


But the most important thing is to convince and push yourself to clean up. It is not a herculean task, but it actually requires a lot of thought if he home has to be set properly. Else interior designing would have never been a profession. We are all at least skilled enough to keep things at its right place and not disorganise things.

It can be a very good way to pass time 🙂 if you have had a fight with someone, or you want to kill somebody. It can be the such an engaging task that you can divert all your energies towards it. (I am kidding !! ).

But it can always be nice to reward yourself with an outing or a straight one day of watching some series after finishing the cleaning. This way mumma will be happy and will never nag you as to why you are watching so much TV 🙂

And one final tip could be to take out your clothes the day before. That way you will never be in a hurry and you can sleep those five minutes extra in the morning 🙂 if you are a girl then may be twenty minutes extra 😛

Tune in for a lot of such useful tips and tricks @ https://www.rewardme.in/home/home-decor 

Image courtesy:Google

God is a Gamer: Book Review

“Do not cause any harm to anyone intentionally, because remember God is watching. ”


God is a gamer, is yet another murder mystery from the Banker’s sack of stories. Ravi Subramanian’s latest book is a Bitcoin fiasco. It begins with the murder of senator Gillian Tan in US and straight from there it jumps to party in Goa where Tanya and Varun, are introduced in the plot and then meetings in a leading Bank and Gaming company in Mumbai are discussed where our other key characters : Swami, Malvika, Aditya and Sundeep are introduced. The book keeps shuffling in these places, carrying parallel stories of company politics, ravaging romance and a troubled investigation. I like it the way, all of them seamlessly and effortlessly integrated.

After Gillian Tan’s murder, you are transported to NYIB, a leading bank in Mumbai and how Malvika is playing petty politics and trying to show Swami her junior in poor light. Swami then like a little kid cribs about his bad boss to Aditya and Sundeep ; his ex colleagues at NYIB, who have gone ahead and started a online Gaming firm named, Indiscape. Then the scene is then shifted to Goa, where Tanya and Varun meet, make love and a drug raid happens in which Varun is caught. And parallelly some mysterious guy in US, is planning to loot an ATM.  To connect the dots, Varun turns out to be Aditya’s estranged son and Tanya is Malvika’s daughter. oh there is more, Aditya and Malvika also have a seen 😛 .Suddenly Malvika dies in suspicious circumstances, and Malvika’s involvement in money laundering and with the finance minister, makes her case a high profile investigation and her death a very probable one. Suddenly an ATM heist happens and millions of dollars are stolen in the US. Though the story is all serious and sad, a few drops of Varun and Tanya’s young romance makes life better.  But do good things last forever? As the story progresses, the prime suspects surfaces very easily,  and just when you feel you have cracked the mystery correctly, Boom, someone else turns out to be the murderer.

But you are not convinced, you continue reading and uncover the biggest masterminds of all time. But you then are left wondering if things really can fall so much into place and if a plan can be so full proof. But it was a classy revenge taken.

The book is definitely not boring, the author is indeed a good story teller, but the language in the book is too colloquial. But then thats with most of the new budding authors from Top B schools ;). His description of places and things at many places feels very fake and unnecessary. To quote one of them , Tanya buys a very expensive and branded bag  for her mom and the whole description makes the book look very made up. The build up the CBI and FBI give while announcing the guilty reminds me of those Hindi Reality shows while they are declaring the winner. 🙂

All said, its still gets 3/5 for me.
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You can buy the book at
God is a Gamer

State.Com – A product Review

This review is a part of the product review programme by Blogadda.com about State.


Today we have a website for almost everything today. For getting your questions answered go to Quora.com, for knowing the latest happening in fields of technology/music/arts or any topic out of the blue, go to mashable or theVerge but is there a site where you can express your opinion on a world forum? You would say twitter, or facebook but for me my audience in these sites is very limited. In Facebook my post will be seen only by my friends and so in twitter by my followers. If you really ask me what is the purpose of expressing my opinion, i would say to let people around the world know what i feel about something and also to know what they feel about the same. And if you are searching for a site where you wish to state your thoughts on a subject, the answer is State.com.

State. com is a platform for building a global opinion network. You simply connect to the site with your Facebook or Twitter id, and get started. You can chose any topic of your choice from a varied range of subject areas like technology, fashion, entertainment, religion, products, food, travel and lifestyle. Try searching for a movie, a game, an actor or anything you can think and you will find it most likely.  Or lets say, you want to see the updates made on a topic of your choice, just simply click on Tune in- feature, and its like you are following the topic. The across state page shows you all trending topics across State. And its not necessary that your opinions are lines long, they can be just a word and State’s intellisense will group it into the negative or positive category and you will know how many people think like you. In fact these words become stats for any subject area.


I came across a similar site called Debate.org, which also helps you express your opinion on different topics, but State’s look and feel is way beyond nicer than it. Also State is a lot of topics on a lot of genres and looks like a work of very efficient coding team :).

But i feel its going to be difficult and time taking to get opinions on your own topic from people rather it will be easier if you comment on a existing topic on which many people have commented already. Also it would be great if i could search my FB friends who are already on State. Though for that i can also share my state opinion link on FB . Also you can share the link by email with people who are not on FB, Twitter or State.. Cool right?

Most importantly state is about you, and your thoughts and how you can take your opinion on the global level. It can be healthy discussion about a book, or a petition against a product. But State is still very new  and it will take a while for people to know and appreciate it. But i hope through my blog post my readers will connect to State.com and see if they like it.

PS: Cool site, state yourself 🙂