Stop worrying about semi broken crockery:Source #RewardMe

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When i saw the article as a part of blogadda activity, i immediately started searching for broken crockery at home, and my bad luck, my mom had disposed them off. Now i am trying to take out a handle from a cup or two 😛

Well this destructive idea popped up after i saw these awesome ideas on the article. We all have pieces of crockery at home which can no longer be used because it has a crack or has a handle missing. A few things which i think are feasible for me at least are the cup cake stands , jewellery holders and shelf decoration. They require no or very less work.

Though the cup light looks the most appealing, i do not have the required items to make it. But i really like the detailed instructions and someone who has the things can definitely give it a try. I have seen similar things on restaurants which are dim lit and want to give a different look. This idea is noted, and kept safe and will be implemented when i open a restaurant in Italy someday 🙂

Till now I used dry fruit boxes to keep my jewellery but using crockery will possibly enhance the look. We could also try to paint the mugs to make it bright looking. But since they are breakable we should still be careful.

Also another way to use damaged pieces of crockery, would be to keep it under the flower vase, and they will remain untouched so it would not break any further. Also they can be put under the small light weight flower pots so that the mud does not spill around.


If you have artists at home, or kids who like painting, a broken bowl could be used as a pallet for colours.  This will help to reuse the broken crockery and also prevent your good utensils from being spoiled. How many of us as kids had sincerely used a pallet when making our first water colours painting.  You could  also paint the crockery itself, to give it a new life.

A good idea will always help you think on many more ideas. I am sure by now you would have already started collecting your own broken pieces of crockery and started working on a fascinating one from the list.

The article was definitely a good thought and a resolution to a very common household problem. 🙂

PS: Broken crockery could be sharp, so please dispose if it cannot be used any further.

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Welcome oil free skin :)

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This is a post issued in public interest and for people who suffer from oily skin. 🙂

Oily skin is by far the most problematic situation, since it not only makes your skin looks greasy but is a reason for acne and clogging of pores. I have been fighting oily skin and pimples for many years now. When i was at school and college i did not bother much, i did everything which i should not have and should have actually taken care.

Any ways the damage was done and the only thing i would think or discuss was about how to get rid of pimples and oil from skin. If i would meet someone who shared my problem, the discussion would go on and on from doctors, lotions, medicines, creams to every herb in the world that we tried.

But all of it did not go in vain, the collective feedback did help. So i am going to share a few steps i took in the direction of oil free skin:

1. Drink water: It may sound  cliché but it is the most helpful tip. Water keeps your skin hydrated and clears your skin. I had pimples all over my face , my friend then suggested to drink water. I thought it was cake walk but when we actually boiled down to details i realised i drank only 1 ltr of water everyday. And you should not count other fluids intake. I have now increased it to 3.5 ltrs a day and trust me it was difficult. So keep a water alarm or whichever way suits you and drink water :(

2.Carrots and Beetroot: Yes these two vegetables help. And i would suggest do not make a juice if you can eat it directly. Juice removes the fibre. Beetroot will add a pinkish glow and carrot will help in removing blemishes, sun protection etc. Trust me on this, if not google it 🙂


3.Avoid creams: In fact if possible avoid applying anything on the skin, except something which is gel or water based. Creams usually clog your pores and can cause acne.  Avoid make up to a great extent. Believe that you are naturally very pretty. This was a confidence tip 🙂

4.Sun protection:  Though i might not be able to tell you the exact spf your sunscreen should have, but the bottom line will be to protect yourself from UV and avoid sun as much as possible. Sunlight will help in Vitamin D but is harmful for your skin.

5.Wash your face often: When i say wash, i mean wash it with a facewash(i use clean and clear) and not alone with water. The idea is to keep your face clean and as less oily and dust free.

6.The Hair connection: If you have dandruff, try to wash your hair often, its true that shampoos have chemicals, but given the accumulation of  dust, oil and dandruff is harmful for your skin and scalp. Just like we keep our face clean, hair also needs cleanliness. Most of us with oily skin avoid oiling hair, since we are scared even by the mention of the word oil. But your hair needs oiling too. But do tie it up so that there is no oil on your face because of it . Wash it after keeping it overnight.

7. Visit a dermatologist: we all have different skin types, different requirements, different sensitivities, hence it is definitely recommended you visit a dermatologist, and get his/her opinion.

8. Avoid oily Junk: Good things are hard to get, and one of the things you would have to give up is oily food, spicy junk and chocolates. They all heat your body,so either you should compensate by drinking lot of water or cut down on eating oily stuff.

Hope my post was helpful for all of them who are fighting oil-o-phobia. Though my skin type is still oily, i keep it as less oily as possible and my pimples have healed to a great extent.

Note: These are my personal tips and are not medically tested so if the beetroot does not make your skin glow, could be because you are already glowing 🙂


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Tanu weds Manu Returns: Kangana steals the show twice


Tanu Weds Manu


After four years comes a sequel of the movie Tanu weds Manu  which  is still fresh in our minds and cherished by all . Seeing all the same actors at their best again was a real treat.

When i first saw the trailer i knew kangana is back with her brilliance after Queen. The movie begins with Tanu returning home from abroad alone, tired of her marital life which is no longer a bliss and a husband who is too slow and passive to her lifestyle. After all, how long can one runaway from one’s true selves. Manu who is so tortured by his marriage made in heaven that he reaches a mental asylum. And boom comes a message from Manu to Tanu, “I hate you Tanu”. Also follows court notices and divorce petitions and hence begins the battles of their egos.

An interesting addition to the movie’s cast is Chintu, who is a lawyer by profession but an unlawful tenant in Kangana’s house. And chintu is none other than Murari of Ranjhana. The same guy who said, “Tumhara pyaar na hua UPSC ka EXAM ho gaya, 10 saal ho gaye clear hi nahi ho raha”. He is popularly the “kandha” in the movie which is euphemism for a guy who gives his shoulder to a girl who is heart broken. Like liquid from pyaar ka punchnama but a ferocious one.

Admist world war between the husband and wife, enters kusum sangwa, a national athelete and is a look alike of Tanu. Kangana speaks fluent english in the movie but her haryanwi is unbeatable. And Manu falls for her, initially for her resemblance with his wife, and later also because she is like his wife. Did he like Kusum or just want another Tanu because he still likes Tanu? Now that’s like a life question, if you fall for a person just like your ex, is it because you still love your ex? Well may be the movie will answer it for you.

Adding colors to the movie are Raja awasti, Jassi and Payal in their own special way. The humor quotient of the movie is at its peak. Where women are shown as bold and independent they are also shown as nagging, cribbing wives and where men are shown as the calm and peaceful race, they are also shown as the confused and emotional husbands:P.

Well the review can go on and on with praises for the movie, but one last mention will be for the songs. My personal favorite : Banno tera swagger laage sexy 🙂 🙂



Piku !! A daughter’s story :). A movie review


Rating: 4/5

Shoojit sircar is back again with a heart warming story of Piku after Vicky Donor and is shot yet again in a Bengali household.

He has served you the Bengali family on a plate just the way it is. I could almost see my family on the screen. Loud, arrogant,  vehement , animated, fierce but yet so true to their heart.  There are scenes in the movie where we would not know if the family is fighting or talking to each other. 🙂 Advocating women empowerment is possibly our favourite topic and giving an opinion on every matter is our birth right, or rather we think its our responsibility .

The theme of the movie , is very carefully chosen and the message that you how much you need to care for your parents is well shared. Though for a major part of the movie we see Piku and her dad bickering on topics like potty( motion) 😛 , you would never for once doubt piku’s love for her dad. Piku so rightly says, “jab ma baap budey ho jaatey hai, unko zinda rakhna padta hai'(when your parents are old you have to keep them alive).


Amitabh’s brilliant presence on the screen will make you adore Bhaskor, though he is actually an annoying, senile and a old selfish father.  At times when Irfan tries to advise Amitabh on how to avoid constipation you would see effortless innocence in Amitabh’s eyes.

Every actor has been so true to their character. Special mention for Mousami chatterjee in a young vibrant maashi’s role. And Deepika, looked stunning, she can carry any piece of cloth.

Our generation i feel is already very connected to its roots and we appreciate every bit of our culture and no matter how much we rebel against our parents we still love them the most. This movie rightly potrays so.

Every aspect of the movie was carefully crafted and tailor made for any Bengali. And if you are not a bengali , but appreciate art, culture, streets of Kolkata, Deepika 😉  and Amitabh then its a must watch. You will come out of the theatre wondering, if Shit can actually be described with so many adjectives.

Roy!! What a waste of everything. (Movie Review)


Disclaimer: Please do not waste your money and time watching this movie. After wasting 3 hrs on the movie, i spent 1/2 hr writing this review to take out my frustration and inform my friends and readers not to watch the movie named “ROY”.

Roy, the so over hyped movie is not worth a penny!!. Seems like the director and the actors won a free trip to Malaysia and they were so bored that they made a movie. And hence the ugly script. The director possibly thought, if he takes good looking actors, shows some exotic locations, the story wont be required. It starts off nowhere, ends don’t know where. I watched it till the end with the hope that there will be some story, but was thoroughly disappointed.

What a waste of money, talent(Arjun , Ranbir , Anupam kher and our very own Byomkesh Bakshi (Rajit Kapur) 😛 ) and time. Ranbir(one of my primary reasons to watch the movie) was in a verbal coma and had a blank stare in whatever scenes he was present. The actors who could act were hardly doing anything in the movie, apart from talking meaningless philosophy, and poor Jacqueline who does not know how to act was given all dialogues which she delivered in her so non desi accent.

Anyways there is no mystery, there is no confession, there is only hype and of course there is no story. Just for the heck of dragging it for 3 hrs, both Arjun and Ranbir played the same role and the same story was repeated twice.

Few questions: Was Jaqueline having a double role? Did Ranbir Kapoor exist ? The director and script writer tried so hard that i could not make out one bit of anything.

PS: There is one good thing about the movie: The songs. Please listen to them here, watching the movie is not needed 😛

Back to the days of Innocence.

My WhatsApp status is “Searching for Peace”, and trust me mental peace is the most expensive commodity for me today, I have tried shopping, watching movies, eating junk, and blown quite an amount thinking i will be happy and peaceful. But i guess i got duped by these artificial senses of pleasure. There is no specific reason to be unhappy; i have a settled job, a happy family and a close knit group of friends. But at times grief and tension seems to take a toll on me, so i had to resort to my last option; writing. And here i am again to share titbits of my life.

Getting old

I am a month away from my 25th birthday and introspection is at its peak. Looking back at the years of my life, my achievements, my share of joy and sorrow is all i have been doing from the beginning of this year. Where my mom feels i should get married, my dear learned colleagues at office feel, i should accomplish more, my friends feel i should go for higher studies, i am dreaming of the impossible. I want to go back a decade and a half to a time where peace was free. I want to go back to those days of school dress, holiday home works, and those short walks with my mom and brother from school to home.

It brings a smile to my face thinking of the happiest times in my life, which i possibly did not notice then. It was such a beautiful routine, wake up, dress up, reach school just in time, rush for prayer, enjoy the classes, finish homework in school, crack silly jokes with friends, call each other pet names, gossip about the monitor and munch on those simple lunches. After school, my brother and I used to walk down home with mom, I used to tell her so many stories of school, and buy chocolates everyday (no wonder I had two root canals J ). Once I reached home, I would quickly change, have a quick bite, and happily take my afternoon siesta with mom. And at about 5, I used to sneak out of the bed and go to play with my colony kids.  Back then jumping between boxes blindfolded was more nail biting than writing CAT. After getting back home , it used an hour of study and then watching movies and serials with mom till dinner time. And trust me at that time Jassi jaisi koi nahi, was my favorite show , it was not some stupid serial. And finally it was time for peaceful sleep again.


Times now have definitely changed, since now long walks with mom are scary, since it will start with her friend’s daughter’s marriage but will shift to mine, in no time. Now nothing is simple anymore, you have to be so diplomatic at work place, where we spend the most of the time, that those innocent smiles are lost. A lot of people know me as miss chatter box, but ask people around me now, they possibly have not even noticed me, since when you grow up, and you look at people with those dirty lenses of judgment, with mind full of prejudices and heart full of negativity. And hence I build a hostile boundary around me and do not make friends anymore. And if some person is able to cross all these layers and be my friend then they stay so for a lifetime.

At times I feel, in this race to be mature and smart, have we really left those innocent selves behind where smiling at the camera was because you were happy not because you were going to make it your Facebook profile picture. I miss going to bed with absolutely nothing on my mind.

I hope I will have days, where I can laugh my heart out with friends, where I can go on even longer walks with mom and quit fighting demons of my life. J

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Kerala:A place you should never miss

My trip to Kerala was one of the memorable journeys i ever had. Its one of the most beautiful places in India. My travel was not like a backpacker’s one, so i was not able to cover many places there, but i tried to visit at least the important ones.

We had gone with a package tour from KTDC under which the travel, stay and food was completely taken care by Kerala tourism. Our trip comprised of Munnar, Kumarkom, Trivandrum  and Kanyakumari.

Our first stop was a waterfall, on the way to Munnar, which was quite a site, but after a long train travel and a ghat journey I was not able to enjoy it much. But its like the first tourist spot to see.

cheeyappara waterfalls

Then the next stop was the heavenly Munnar. Though i find all the hill stations same, 😛 be it; Gangtok, Darjeeling or Shimla , Munnar was my personal favourite. It was cool, serene and beautiful. In Munnar we visited Mattupetty dam, Echo point,Tea Plantations and Floriculture center. Out of these places only Mattupetty dam was quite a site, rest of the places could have been ignored. But two things which should not be ignored in Munnar are the Elephant ride and visit to Punarjani village. This is what happened at Punarjani village.


The price tickets ranged from 200 to 300 depending on the seating place, like a movie theatre,but trust me even if you take the 200 ticket and sit in 300 row, no one will know :). The Elephant ride was 500 per person and it was the most majestic ride i ever had. You should not miss them.???????????????????????????????


We then reached Kumarakom which is the back waters area. We were staying at waterscapes resort which actually is made inside a bird sanctuary, so you see the Sanctuary for free :). But more than birds we saw water there. The place looked like this. I just remembered “water water everywhere but not a drop to drink”,


The resort was really well made, and was completely made on water. So there was back waters in the front, there was a swimming pool next to it and it was pouring heavily :). In the night it got really scary. There is a boat ride which is arranged by the resort folks but its not worth how much they charge. You can go out and hunt for boats and we finished our ride in 500 bucks. On the boat ride, we saw many houseboats, and after a point the fish stink of the water was unbearable and i wanted to go back to place where there was not so much water. And as i was thinking this, our boat stopped midway, but thankfully after a few prayers it started and we reached back safely. 🙂


Our next destination was Trivandrum where we saw Kovalam beach, Napaier Museum, Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple. I love to say Kovalam in the special mallu accent :). It is indeed a nice beach. Napaier musem, was a huge mistake to visit. To visit Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple , women should compulsorily be in Sarees and men should wear only dhotis. And in that temple, everything is so commercialised that i hardly felt it to be a sacred place.

IMG_0363 IMG_0357

Our final destination was Kanyakumari, one of the most sort after places in our country. It is a temple town is what i felt. The process there is to take tickets and stand in a huge queue. There is boat ride waiting which takes you to three different places with halts in between. It was so hot, that i could hardly enjoy the place, but i did see the three colors of water which is the meeting point of three bodies of water and is quite a remarkable site to see.

The food in kerala is not something i relished. I liked the fish there, but otherwise the rice was just not edible for me. But i have heard that food there is really tasty, so may be i missed out on the good places. So thats for you to try 🙂

But Kerela is indeed god’s country country.  Nature is at its best there. And the people came across as friendly folks, though understanding malyalam is quite a task :P.

I wish to see Rajasthan next 🙂 , till then keep i hope you enjoy reading my other blog posts 🙂 here

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