My Story!

A struggling writer, an MBA aspirant , an avid reader and yeah an IT employee for livelihood. Dream to be a traveller too 🙂

Life is one of the most beautiful journeys to be on. A few days are bad, but live for the days and the people who have made your journey a memorable one.

My blog posts are about my daily encounters with life

Life is a one time opportunity, we get it just once… Rebirth might happen but who knows if I can be born as myself again, I might be a slimy earth worm 🙂 :)… That’s why i feel life has to be lived to the fullest, all risks have to be taken, miracles will happen. I blog to put the bits and pieces of my life in words, so that I know I am living like I want to or not.

Any small or big thing can be achieved, if not achieved at least felt only if you dare to dream. And if you really want something, the whole world conspires for it and you won’t even know.

Hope you enjoy reading my posts:)



2 thoughts on “My Story!

  1. Hi There!

    I am the online marketing manager from HarperCollins Publishers India and wanted to know where are you based out of and if you would be interested in writing blog reviews for us.

    Write to me and I’ll further elaborate on how we go about it.


  2. Hi,

    I write to you on behalf of Clea public relations. We might want you to do some book reviews if you are interested. Please provide your contact details, if you want us to elaborate more?

    Suchitra Rajan

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