Eve teasing…Any kind is disgusting….

I am writing this blog post with a lot of disgust, frustration and finally fear. This goes out to each of that guy who has ever teased a girl or has given dirty looks to any girl.

Let me be a little explicit and describe a situation of an anonymous girl, could be anyone. A girl named Riddhima an IT Professional and considerably pretty,travels everyday by share cabs to her work place. You all agree that it is peak summer and people everywhere are withering away like leaves in this season, so just like you guys can wear a light cotton transparent half shirt and save yourself from the heat, so can we, so our Riddhima also wears a thin cotton shirt, not transparent and a little short owing to the fact that she is fashionable, so while getting down from the cramped cab, with a heavy laptop bag on her back, her shirt goes up and the male jerks(teenagers, old uncles,) in the cab give her dirty looks. After she gets down from the cab they scan her everywhere, top to bottom. Even when i am writing this i feel disgusted.

You tell me if that girl was your sister or even your mother because even the aunties are not spared at times, will you not feel like breaking the on looker’s face? Singing “Chikney Chameli” to a girl passing by or trying to touch her , alone,  is not eve teasing. Giving cheap stares, looking at her as though you can  look through her clothes is a gross way to tease a girl.

We all believe that only the men from low class, indulge in such shameless behavior, but let me tell you, with 22 years spent in this world and being eve teased from passed 7-8 yrs, has taught me that educated citizens of our country also don’t stop shamelessly staring at a girl.

I do not know what guys discuss amongst themselves, but please stop calling girls, bitches, big mouths, sluts, because you guys talk of more sly and crappy stuff likes shapes of different things and take pleasure in all this.

I am sorry to all those people  who feel it is an offense to talk all this about the male community and girls should wear proper clothes and carry themselves decently, this is just a heads up, we know what to wear and how to walk, you close the x ray machines in your eyes and be decent yourself. Someday if you get caught thinking the girl belongs to the so called weaker sex, you might be hit by catwalk, mochi, msl, metro, bata and kolapuris. 🙂 :).

A girl is one of the most beautiful creations of god, after all imagine, god never gave the responsibility of carrying a baby within oneself to a man, he knew the power, strength and grace of a woman.  So next time you look at girl, give her due respect warna jhoota khaoge(or else you will get kicked).

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PS:Pardon if you felt the language used was unpardonable.


The train affair…Episode #4. :)

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Patience always pays… but don’t ask the timelines :P. Little Kettle

It was almost a month after the heart breaking incident with Shikar, I got an email from him. He had tried to get in touch on phone quite a few times before, but i felt so small in front of him, that i stopped taking his calls or openly ignored him. My ego was hurt.



The email went like this,

To my cute train mate,

I have no clue why i am writing this email to you, or if this email would change your mind. I just felt it was important to let you know what i feel. Firstly i want to sincerely apologize for not turning up on our “Date” and behaving so indifferent with you though it was my fault. It somehow felt very difficult for me to ask for “Sorry” from someone whom i hardly knew, but yet i went ahead and tried to get in touch with you quite a few times. All the while you where taking revenge from me, for what i did unintentionally.  Whether you believe it or not, a guy takes very few things seriously in his life, and when he does, the other person should realize her importance ;). You came into my life like fresh breeze and just left without any notice.Its too hot, and i need the breeze back.. Ok that was a bad line but it just means, i am sorry, can we be friends again?



I was so happy to see his email that i did not care much what was written in it, i started pondering on the thought that how he got my email id, then i realized that he picked it from FB. His words “To my cute train mate,” started ringing in my mind and made me feel like i had won the battle. Yes for a moment that is what i felt. And then i realized i was being such a kid. I felt its time now i forgive him and get back to his life, so i quickly messaged him on his cell, telling “Its OK and we are friends”. I immediately got a reply “:)” from him.

He then asked me for my address, this was a little uncomfortable for me, because i really did not know him that well to invite him home, also my mom was not aware, of my little secret train affair. But it would be awkward to ask him “why”, just when i was pondering on these thoughts, my phone beeped again. He had messaged again, he told “chill i am not gonna kidnap you, just wanted to pick you up from your place, since this time i don’t want history to repeat” . I messaged back telling “if this time history repeats, there will be no cold war but a world war”.

Finally we decided a place and i ensured that it was close to the place we worked, so that we could meet after office. The place was called “The little Kettle”. I did not dress to my best, since i was scared to be very hopeful this time, i just wore regular clothes. I was done with work on time and reached  “The little kettle” to find him there before me. I gave him a smile and felt a little weird at this situation.


We started speaking of our work, life, families, and then finally our Ex’s. It initially seemed as though we were set up to see each other by our parents but slowly my true self was out, and i was yap yap yap all the time. He turned out to be a very patient listener.  We somehow clicked well together. There was a unsaid bond between each other , and we were already loving each others company. We did not even realize when it was past 3 hrs, he insisted on dropping me back home, but i was a little doubtful. Sensing my apprehension, he said he would wait till i get a bus to home. I happily agreed.  But after that what happened truly amazed me. He followed me till my bus stop. It scared me and also made me feel special. He was not the kinds who would stalk or kidnap me but still we hardly knew each other. I still trusted my instinct and let him drop me back home.

Life is so unpredictable at times. I never expected that the nerdy, rude, arrogant looking guy would someday follow me and drop me back home. I guess my happiness had no bounds because I had not expected any of this to happen.

Thank you Shikar. But the series of surprises had just started. I went home and opened his FB page and started checking his pictures as we all do. But life takes you on high and then drops you from sky. In one of the recent uploaded pics,  some guy was pouting out to him. What the hell!!!!.. Was Shikar gay??


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Is committing suicide being Coward??

“22-year old girl commits suicide”, when you see this headline in the newspaper, what do you do ? Think for a while. You either turn the page or you curse the dead person calling her a coward. You read the article and try and find out why she died, if she had left a suicide note, was she married…? and so on. Let us say she did not leave any reason/note for her death, we immediately conclude that she must have had a love failure. We also try to think of other reasons like she might have been fired at her workplace, she might have been in debts, there would have been parental pressure for marriage and so on. But still the reason of a love failure stands out. Why does a person become so weak only when he/she has a failed love affair?

Seeing a lot of people suffer around me, i observed that when someone gets dumped, or the other person does not wish to continue, one cannot do much about it, because then the person getting dumped will always cry and the person whom dumps feels so guilty that he almost makes it his responsibility that the other person gets over him. And in this process the weaker side suffers a lot and at one point, one is so heart broken and shattered, one feels dying will give a permanent relief.

Commonly all of us think that committing suicide is one of the most defeating, pessimistic,gutless thing to do. Its like running way from the situation. But i have something to talk in favor of those people(please note: I am not talking in favor of ending one’s life). The first thing is we all want shortcuts in our life, we all want an easy way out. Hence dying seems to be the most viable option, since you no one would scold you, you would not feel pain, and most importantly we also think that our essence will be realized. And when a person is in pain, trust me barring a few extra positive exceptions, we all would chose this option.

But one cliche truth is a person has to realize his value first and only then would others do. Don’t throw yourself  as a weak lifeless soul to someone and wait for that person to realize your value. That person never will. We all want someone who has self respect.

Killing oneself for getting less marks or being scolded by parents is plain stupid. One can always score better and besides you only have to pass, parents scold because they are parents. They cant be your friends all the time.

There have been a lot of times in my life when i have been through a tough phase, when no one around is able to understand the turmoil inside me, when i felt my life is meaningless may be because i lost someone, something. Then all i think of is my parents. They love me and i can vouch on that. I try and push myself away from the thought. I watch tv, especially movies, they have the capacity to hold you. And that is something which is most necessary at that time. If you can get a grip on yourself at that moment, you have achieved something that monks took hunderds of years. You will achieve self control. You can also paint, scribble or just write blogs, my way of self healing. You write it on a piece of paper, whatever you feel if you don’t want to tell this world what you feel. And when you write you can also curse, abuse the person, the thing that has hurt you. Human beings need to express, to be happy. Expressing them makes you feel light and happy. It works.

Getting a thought of ending one’s life is not getting defeated, in fact killing oneself needs a lot of bravery. But just think of that one person/animal who loves and will definitely miss you and drive away that thought from your mind.


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I will miss you Rasana Girl :'(

This blog is a small tribute to you Taruni.

It was a very shocking and deeply saddening to see the news about the death of Taruni Sachdev, popularly known to us as Rasana girl. Yes she is the one who says “I love you Rasana”, not that i knew her personally but she was too little to face this harsh reality of life.

Her mother and she were the passengers of the chartered flight to Muktinath in Nepal which crashed on monday. Taruni had acted in a lot of Ads, movies(hindi, and also south indian). She was a a part of  BIG B’s movie PAA. It really feels bad when a little child with so much potential dies. Looking at the picture i get teary eyed. Such a cute child is no longer a part of this world. May her soul rest in peace and her father have the strength to bear the tremondous loss.

A little request to you god, if you are listening. Please don’t increase the headcount there in hell/heaven by taking away such innocent lives. RIP TARUNI.

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Love can happen a lot of times…. after all we all crave for love :).

A review for Ravinder Singh’s second novel:Can love happen twice.

Title: Can Love Happen Twice?                                                                                                                           
Author: Ravinder Singh
Publisher: Penguin
Genre:  Love story
Price-125(Flipkart gives you at 88)
Madhu’s stars: 3/5

Ravinder Singh, author of Indian bestseller, “I too had a love story-True story” , is back with  fiction this time. His previous novel was one painful read dedicated to his girl friend Khushi, who died a week before their marraige. His next book’s title is apt for the story he has carried, and will be a interesting read for people who have had heart breaks.

The plot is simple but Ravin likes to add a sad flavor to his books. Ravin is still deeply immersed in Khushi’s memories when he meets someone else.So will they fall in love? Will they get married? Will Ravin not feel guilty of loving someone else., when he loves khushi so much?Well read the book if you want the answers, but one secret which i can reveal is it has different sort of a setup. The whole book is actually a narration on the Radio by Ravin’s friends on Valentines day.At a lot of places the story seems true and a lot of places it seems made up.

Personally i do not believe that love can keep happening a lot of times and also love can happen just once in life. Seems contradictory right? What i mean here is  if the other person has not cheated on you or has not died then it is difficult to move on. Since then its nobody’s fault.But on the contrary if the other person does not give a damn about you then there was no love ever.   And one just has to move on and find true love. But we all crave for a little care, compassion and like to be made feel special and we are tend to fall again.

So if you think its time to move on, pick up this book, it might make you cry at the end or you might just toss it up in the air and say “what a waste of time”, “How bollywoodish”, but i think books of fiction are meant to be like films, they are meant to hold for those 200 pages and make you feel good. All in all, the book is very okay and the proof reading is bad. Ravin could have made it much better. The first novel was way better. This one seems too fake at times.

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It was wise to read Wise and Otherwise :)

Title: Wise And Otherwise: A Salute To Life                                                                                          
Author: Sudha Murthy
Publisher: Penguin
Genre:  Life stories
Madhu’s stars: 3.5/5

Wise and Otherwise was a book which i picked up looking at its title and then when i came to know it’s by Sudha Murthy, my interest in it deepened. Though i have not met her in personal life, when i read about her work and i developed a sort of respect towards her.

Wise and Otherwise is a collection of 50 really short stories in which Sudha Mam has brought about the various traits,colors of different individuals, has put on the table harsh and shocking realities of life.  Her language is very simple and the stories are about two-three pages at the max. Her stories are mostly her experiences with people she met during her social work, or professionally or may just her friends.

They are about how people just tried to take undue advantage of her dedication towards social work and expected her to donate money to come out of their silly problems, so much that in one of the incidents a lady threatens to end her life if Sudha does not help. Also there are a couple of heart touching tales where a father is left behind by his own son in an old age home, and the son then disguises himself to have found the old man on the road, and he also shamelessly turns up to get some money when his father dies. Such stories bring tears to your eyes.

The best part of these stories are they all have something to teach us. So it’s up to the reader if he really wants to takeaway a few of them.

About the Author: Sudha Murty   is an Indian social worker and author. Mrs. Murthy began her professional career as a computer scientist and engineer, currently she is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and member of public healthcare initiative of the Gates Foundation.[1][2] In addition, she has established several orphanages, participated in rural development efforts, and supported the movement to provide all government schools in Karnataka with state-of-the-art computer and library facilities.[3][4] Mrs. Murthy also teaches computer science and composes fiction

Kudos Sudha Mam.

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