Which color is it?

If you are a guy by now at least once you and your friend from the opposite gender have fought over the topic of color. Remember how many rounds of examining happened over the white or blue dress. I too have a small test, tell me what color is the dress below:


While you see the color of the dress as green, your girl friend will see it as Olive green, and you thought olives are used only with reference of food 🙂 . There is a complete list of these referential colors such as  laguna blue,  Sea green, hot magenta…This is not a gender bias agenda, you might be a guy and may have a perfect sense of colors, but its just that i fail to see what is the big fuss about knowing the right color.

And when there is a discussion of which color it is, i usually prefer to keep quiet, since my girl friends around talk in the crayon color language, which is just not my cup of tea. And being a girl if you also identify colors as just Green/Blue/Yellow then it might be interpreted in a hundred different ways.

I have always identified colors as simple as black and white unless very recently when i realized that you are almost insulting the person’s clothes if you do not know the right color of it. I still would fumble to know if its violet or purple. Yeah i am that bad.

But its an interesting sense to have nevertheless its not a mandatory sense to have either.  After all we still manage with 50 Shades of Grey . 🙂 So if you know then good for you, and if you do not know the exact color, then ask them 🙂 They might give you a little history along with it too.


PS: If you want to indulge into the trance of colors, this page is for you :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Crayola_crayon_colors








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