Swachh Bharat starts at Home.Source:Reward me

See if you can spot the cat in picture below: If you did not spot, lets clean up a bit 🙂


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The article https://www.rewardme.in/home/home-decor/article/5-simple-surprising-cleaning-tips-youll-love from rewardme really got me thinking, if cleaning my home or cupboard is really such a big task.


We are all talking and educating everyone of swachh Bharat but every single day we are overturning all the clothes in cupboard because we do not find that one shirt of kurta we want to wear. We are all scared of even opening our cupboard of clothes or books , worrying it may all fall on us(given that we dumped all of them there).

And trust me it takes preparation of mind to even plan to clean the cupboard. But the rewardme article suggests some really cool tips. Listen to your favourite songs and clean the rack. It really works. Tested and trusted.

If friends stay close by, they could all do a get together at some friends house and target cleaning it. But i am scared this idea might backfire and the place might get dirtier 😛

Another cool tip was keeping a recurring schedule for when you would clean your cupboard. This way you will have it at the back of your mind that you have do this task. Another awesome idea which i had read somewhere over the net is instead of stacking your clothes one over the other arrange in vertical fashion like below. Make proper compartments to divide your clothes. This way your cupboard is disturbed very less.


But the most important thing is to convince and push yourself to clean up. It is not a herculean task, but it actually requires a lot of thought if he home has to be set properly. Else interior designing would have never been a profession. We are all at least skilled enough to keep things at its right place and not disorganise things.

It can be a very good way to pass time 🙂 if you have had a fight with someone, or you want to kill somebody. It can be the such an engaging task that you can divert all your energies towards it. (I am kidding !! ).

But it can always be nice to reward yourself with an outing or a straight one day of watching some series after finishing the cleaning. This way mumma will be happy and will never nag you as to why you are watching so much TV 🙂

And one final tip could be to take out your clothes the day before. That way you will never be in a hurry and you can sleep those five minutes extra in the morning 🙂 if you are a girl then may be twenty minutes extra 😛

Tune in for a lot of such useful tips and tricks @ https://www.rewardme.in/home/home-decor 

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Can we stop fighting ?

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When i saw the posts on rewardme about family, life and healthy relationships, i really felt that some very important issues have been discussed and talked about. Be it about work life balance or time management.

One thing which i feel like adding to this genre is about how to avoid the fights and arguments we have with our loved ones. we all get into tiffs with our parents, our spouses, our friends and even outsiders. What is the first thing you feel after a fight? Bitterness, unhappiness, guilt , anger and a series of negative emotions take over you. All in all fighting is something which is not very healthy and should be avoided.


I fight with my mom when she does not let me go on a trip with friends, I fight with my dad when he says i do not manage my expenses well, i fight with my siblings when they are over protective of me, the common string in all these fights is i get angry  when people do not agree to me. When people cast a doubt in what i do or pick flaws in my work or stop me from doing something which i like, i feel sort of betrayed, i feel the people whom i love most in this world do not understand my likes and dislikes. I am sure most of us have these issues on a daily basis. And when we fight, we get angry and tell harsh things. I regret the moment i say it, but my ego tells me to go on and stops me from saying a sorry. So do we stop doing all what we like and live our life as per others? May be it could avoid these fights but will bottle up inside us and burst like a big volcano someday.

So how do we do what we wish for and still not fight. We should all realise that unless our parents or family thinks it is dangerous Qd7llYtOlfg_vE1vfgGvPwfor us they would never stop us. They have led a different life and their thoughts ought to differ. But shouting and revolting them on the smallest of the issues will only strain our relationship.  If you claim to love someone, you should also know that person very well. You would know by now what makes your mum’s head boil with anger and what makes her jump with happiness. so if you wish to do something which you think will be disliked by her, but you know is not anything wrong or harmful to you, try to find a time when she is happy, slowly try to drop hints to her, explain to her the good things about you doing it, cite examples, try to show the positive side of it, and then tell her how much you want to do it. End of the day, she would let you do it if she senses the confidence in you.

cool-cartoon-6984954I agree at times, situations are very difficult and we have to take a stand but i am sure a lot of the issues do not fall in that category. It is always helpful if you listen to their bit, may be they are making more sense then you are. And at times, we really have to choose our priority. Whether going on a trip is important or keeping your mom happy is? The choice is potentially yours and no friend or enemy can force you to do anything. This applies to you even if you are a parent. If subsiding a little insecurity of yours can make your child a happier and confident person let him/her do whatever they want to. You can always do your part of the research and ensure it is safe.

Sometimes arguing over something can never resolve the issue instead could make it worse. At times, it may take time for your opinion to sync in the other person’s mind.

One thing which i feel balances our lives no matter how busy we are , is mental peace at work and home.Support from family and friends is the most expensive thing of all. Treasure it 🙂 Do not let it drain away for a stubborn thought in your head 🙂

Hope this is good food for thought 🙂

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Stop worrying about semi broken crockery:Source #RewardMe

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When i saw the article  https://www.rewardme.in/home/crafts/article/make-or-break as a part of blogadda activity, i immediately started searching for broken crockery at home, and my bad luck, my mom had disposed them off. Now i am trying to take out a handle from a cup or two 😛

Well this destructive idea popped up after i saw these awesome ideas on the article. We all have pieces of crockery at home which can no longer be used because it has a crack or has a handle missing. A few things which i think are feasible for me at least are the cup cake stands , jewellery holders and shelf decoration. They require no or very less work.

Though the cup light looks the most appealing, i do not have the required items to make it. But i really like the detailed instructions and someone who has the things can definitely give it a try. I have seen similar things on restaurants which are dim lit and want to give a different look. This idea is noted, and kept safe and will be implemented when i open a restaurant in Italy someday 🙂

Till now I used dry fruit boxes to keep my jewellery but using crockery will possibly enhance the look. We could also try to paint the mugs to make it bright looking. But since they are breakable we should still be careful.

Also another way to use damaged pieces of crockery, would be to keep it under the flower vase, and they will remain untouched so it would not break any further. Also they can be put under the small light weight flower pots so that the mud does not spill around.


If you have artists at home, or kids who like painting, a broken bowl could be used as a pallet for colours.  This will help to reuse the broken crockery and also prevent your good utensils from being spoiled. How many of us as kids had sincerely used a pallet when making our first water colours painting.  You could  also paint the crockery itself, to give it a new life.

A good idea will always help you think on many more ideas. I am sure by now you would have already started collecting your own broken pieces of crockery and started working on a fascinating one from the list.

The article was definitely a good thought and a resolution to a very common household problem. 🙂

PS: Broken crockery could be sharp, so please dispose if it cannot be used any further.

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Welcome oil free skin :)

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This is a post issued in public interest and for people who suffer from oily skin. 🙂

Oily skin is by far the most problematic situation, since it not only makes your skin looks greasy but is a reason for acne and clogging of pores. I have been fighting oily skin and pimples for many years now. When i was at school and college i did not bother much, i did everything which i should not have and should have actually taken care.

Any ways the damage was done and the only thing i would think or discuss was about how to get rid of pimples and oil from skin. If i would meet someone who shared my problem, the discussion would go on and on from doctors, lotions, medicines, creams to every herb in the world that we tried.

But all of it did not go in vain, the collective feedback did help. So i am going to share a few steps i took in the direction of oil free skin:

1. Drink water: It may sound  cliché but it is the most helpful tip. Water keeps your skin hydrated and clears your skin. I had pimples all over my face , my friend then suggested to drink water. I thought it was cake walk but when we actually boiled down to details i realised i drank only 1 ltr of water everyday. And you should not count other fluids intake. I have now increased it to 3.5 ltrs a day and trust me it was difficult. So keep a water alarm or whichever way suits you and drink water :(http://authoritynutrition.com/how-much-water-should-you-drink-per-day/).

2.Carrots and Beetroot: Yes these two vegetables help. And i would suggest do not make a juice if you can eat it directly. Juice removes the fibre. Beetroot will add a pinkish glow and carrot will help in removing blemishes, sun protection etc. Trust me on this, if not google it 🙂


3.Avoid creams: In fact if possible avoid applying anything on the skin, except something which is gel or water based. Creams usually clog your pores and can cause acne.  Avoid make up to a great extent. Believe that you are naturally very pretty. This was a confidence tip 🙂

4.Sun protection:  Though i might not be able to tell you the exact spf your sunscreen should have, but the bottom line will be to protect yourself from UV and avoid sun as much as possible. Sunlight will help in Vitamin D but is harmful for your skin.

5.Wash your face often: When i say wash, i mean wash it with a facewash(i use clean and clear) and not alone with water. The idea is to keep your face clean and as less oily and dust free.

6.The Hair connection: If you have dandruff, try to wash your hair often, its true that shampoos have chemicals, but given the accumulation of  dust, oil and dandruff is harmful for your skin and scalp. Just like we keep our face clean, hair also needs cleanliness. Most of us with oily skin avoid oiling hair, since we are scared even by the mention of the word oil. But your hair needs oiling too. But do tie it up so that there is no oil on your face because of it . Wash it after keeping it overnight.

7. Visit a dermatologist: we all have different skin types, different requirements, different sensitivities, hence it is definitely recommended you visit a dermatologist, and get his/her opinion.

8. Avoid oily Junk: Good things are hard to get, and one of the things you would have to give up is oily food, spicy junk and chocolates. They all heat your body,so either you should compensate by drinking lot of water or cut down on eating oily stuff.

Hope my post was helpful for all of them who are fighting oil-o-phobia. Though my skin type is still oily, i keep it as less oily as possible and my pimples have healed to a great extent.

Note: These are my personal tips and are not medically tested so if the beetroot does not make your skin glow, could be because you are already glowing 🙂


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You could get many such tips on : https://www.rewardme.in/beauty/skin-care.