Rummm Rumm Rumm oh Whisky… ;) ;) ;)

Movie:Vicky Donor

Stars:Ayushman Khurana,Yami gautam,Anu kapoor.

Madhu Stars: 4.5/5                                                                                                                      

Vicky donor tusi kamal kar diye 🙂 :).. Keep it up Ayushman Khurana, well done great job. Not only did he act well but his song “Pani Da Rang” takes you to another world. I read that he composed it in the early times of his college.

Vicky donor a very simple story with an extra ordinary theme, its about a “Sperrem donor” as Dr Chadda(Anu Kapoor) puts it across.  Sounds very wierd, that can one earn money by donating his sperms, but yes it does mean a lot to people who cant conceive and this is what seems to be the message of the movie. The movie takes a steep turn when the biggest sperm donor cant…..Na i wont tell you, go watch the movie.

I think every actor in the movie just did his/her best and played their roles so well be it dadi, dolly,pieshi(Yami’s aunt), and even chaman. But my personal favourites are Mr Chadda and Vicky’s Dadi. Dr Chadda who has a almost everything in his office which looks like a Sperm 😉 ;). He is an “Obsessed Sperm 😉 “. People who will watch the movie will relate to my previous line . And Dadi is the most modern dadi’s i have come across…:)…

And finally Vicky’s lady love is Ashima Roy(love to call her Oshima though), who is also called Tuna(A fish) is played by Yami Gautam, is very cute and did very sweet acting. Being a bong myself i know how much people taunt bengalis about their obsession with fish. I remember being called “Maach Bhat” (Fish Rice) 🙂 🙂 Funny times. Also a few scenes of Kolkata are very reminiscent.

One part which i disliked but also related and laughed about was when both the Punjabi and Bengali families were complaining of each other. I have seen it for real.

But i think its paisa wasool for both parties(Ayushman charms the girls and Yami woos the boys). All in all very good job done John Abraham, who is one of the producers and  has also done an item number in the movie. If you get a chance,Watch the movie.  Even you don’t still try to watch it. Feels good.

Movie is good and so is the music. : ) 🙂 🙂

PS: I kept adding lines in the blog 5 times after publishing, since every time i would forget to mention someone who did an awesome job in the movie.

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The Train affair Episode #3

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“Desperation makes you blind”

Saturday:Our first Date 🙂

It was going to be a big day for me not because Shikar had asked me for a date, but after very long someone so eligible had complimented me and had asked me for a date without much thoughts. It made me feel good about my own self, made me feel beautiful and like a very eligible single. I must say most of the girls can be made to overlook your faults if you compliment her. But now it was building a pressure on me, like I had to look good and keep up to my reputation :).

You would not believe that i was falling for him so much that in spite of huge outstanding credit card bills and being broke i still went and shopped for an extravagant halter top in order to look my best. I did not know what he would like, but there was this urgency inside me to go out with him. I was indeed rushing, i knew it but still felt he was worth all of this hard work. After a lot of anticipations, i was all set and i guess i looked good. We had decided the place and i was supposed to reach there by 7 PM, taking his habit of being late i planned to be there by 7:15 or so.

On my way in the auto, i kept cursing myself for not being on time because i felt reaching late might upset him, and i did not want to ruin the evening at any cost. I kept telling the auto waala bhaiya to hurry up and finally reached the place. I went inside and hurriedly started looking for him but to my surprise he was nowhere, i messaged him(first mistake) and asked him where he was?

NO reply. I again messaged apologising for being late(second mistake). Again NO reply. It was 8 by now and still no reply and i was still waiting. Now i had to call him, then i felt that may be i am being too desperate and he should call me(third mistake). My ego and me fought for sometime, after which my watch showed 8:35 PM.. Now i was really feeling irritated and stupid.  I called him, no answer, kept calling, still no answer. Now I was really worried and all bad thoughts flooded into my mind. I did not know any other way of getting in touch with him. I was feeling very tensed. It was already 9:30 PM now. IT WAS TOO LATE.

He was absolutely no body to me. I was not even friends with him but still felt very anxious for him. I left that place and reached home. I somehow felt pangs of separation for no reason and two hot tears came out of my eyes. I was helpless, I called him again and this time he picked it up. There was a lot of noise in the background, something like loud music. He casually asked me “Hey wassup”, I was shocked for a while and asked him where he was. He was at “The club” partying, one of his friend was throwing his Bachelor party…. I was spellbound for a while, I felt happy and relived when he picked up the phone but now i felt he was a monster.

“Shikar we were supposed to meet today, you remember” ? He remembered and also sensed the anger in my voice, and said  “Hey Neena, I am sorry, it slipped out my mind, next weekend pakka..” and this time i had lost it” Shikar just go to hell, i waited in that go damn restaurant for 3 hours, shed tears(exaggeration but he deserved to be thrashed so it was okay) and you behave like nothing happened, just get lost and never call me again”.. I kept the call and switched off my phone and started crying in some strange feeling of defeat. What a waste of time…

I switched it on after an hour before going to bed and was sure there would be lakhs of messages and missed calls… But yes it was Mr Shikar, the self obsessed Microsoft developer, not even a single message of apology, i cursed myself for telling him not to call me, but does n’t he know how girls are. My love story had ended, even before it had started.

Wish I could revisit my Saturday again. I slept with these thoughts and felt miserable.

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“Shor in the city” is definitely not Shor :)…Its a complete entertainer.

DirectorsKrishna D.K.Raj Nidimoru

WritersKrishna D.K. (story), Raj Nidimoru (story)

StarsSendhil RamamurthyTusshar Kapoor and Nikhil Dwivedi

IMDB: 7.4

Yes!! I know the movie was released long back and did quite well but somehow went unnoticed (this is what, happens mostly, with the good movies), but i watched it today and after very long i saw a movie which caught my attention for the whole of it and definitely deserved a review.

The movie centers on the story of 3 young men in the city of dreams and crime, “Mumbai “, all of whom have very different lives, are very unique individuals but still when you watch the movie, you would never feel it’s 3 stories put together, but rather feel 1. And as all of you know many directors (big names) have failed when they have tried to assimilate the magic of many stories together, and on have blamed their failure on the lack of depth in the audience who has failed to understand their movies. But SITC(shot for “shor in the city”) has captured the lives of these men and Raj Nidimoru(Director sahab) has so well knitted them together and the linking he gave just did not seem unreal.

If i talk of the main protagonists of the movie, we have an NRI who wants to start a “chotabusiness which may not seem as a very difficult task but he is harassed by a group of extortionist who start tracking him and following him everywhere he goes just because they want to earn some easy money and he becomes an easy target. Well they under-estimate their prey and pay for it. Loved Senthil Ramurthy for his natural performance.

The next guy is hamara “Tushar kapoor” whom i must say is a good actor. His journey in the film industry may not have been very good but he has done justice to his roles. This guy is a simple and a very genuine person. He runs a “Publishing house” or i would say “A second-hand  publishing house” who sell books at a much cheaper rate than the big book stores. I actually have bought a lot of books like that :). He helps his friends in petty crimes though strongly believes in Nonviolence. His life overturns when he reads Alchemist and realizes the true meaning of life. The performance of his friends is worth mentioning too.

And our last story is about a young aspiring cricketer, “Sawan Moorthy” who is stuck between corrupted selectors who promise him to take him into the team if he bribes them and between his girl “Sejal” whose parents want her to get married ASAP. He plans to rob a bank, though he does not rob it, he still gets the money but does not bribe. I somehow felt this cricketer to be Ambati Raidu, though it’s not his story but still found a few similarities. Not to hurt any feelings here.

There are no big names in this movie but yes there are small names doing big roles. Worth watching, take some time out and watch it. You would not regret, after all a movie has to hold to you for just 2 hours. And this one does it brilliantly well.

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Is Perfection=Happiness?

For all those who want to be perfect or are in search of a perfect guy or girl in your life..

When I used to comb my Barbie’s hair, put on her clothes, I used to wonder one day il grow up to have the perfect face, figure as that of my doll. Well my dream almost came true, just that I am some inches more than the perfect, my features are not so chiseled and yes im not perfect. But if I would have been perfect would I have been happy?

Well I might have had a few more boy friends and a lot of fan following in my school and college, but may be my fans would have forgotten me when they saw another Barbie. 🙂

I am sure lots of you people will agree to what I say next, I always wanted a guy who is smart(passed out from a premiere Institute) , intelligent, a cricketer, a tennis player(cricket and tennis as his pass time games), plays football like Ronaldo and of course plays the guitar and sings for me …may be for all I need, I should have had a machine, which lets me feed(like selecting check boxes) and then the moment I click on the create button I get the guy manufactured.But do you think it will be fun that way?.. Sometimes may be its fun and adds new challenges in your life when you open the Pandora’s box.

But on a serious note, I have a very close friend at my work place who is almost Perfect. He is in his early thirties, single but yet much happier than men of his age group who are married, not that I have something against those married, but he has his own definitions to be happy. Everyone has their idea of happiness. He wakes up by 5(something i might never be able to do in my Life), goes to the gym everyday(again a tough task), comes home and cleans his car(yet again a NO NO), comes to office, reads, codes, cracks the biggest PJs in the world and yet is very happy about his life.

I say he is happy because he never cribs about anything in his life, but yes whenever I meet him I CRIB about almost everything in my life. Love this Quote below

I whine about my work, my looks, my life and my prospects. And at times I feel wish i had stuff as organised as he has in his life or for that matter any perfect person’s life.  But then i realize would I really be my own self if try to be perfect, if I get the right job, great looks, right guy?. I strongly believe that no matter how I am, how I deal with problems, how much I crib, how much I cry and laugh, my parents, my friends, my pet will always love me. They will never complain about me, just like I like my close ones just the way they are in their lives.

It’s always our choices, our decisions which make our life and no matter how imperfect or perfect it is, I love my life and myself and only this matters.

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The Train Affair Episode # 2 ;)

For the first episode visit :

“Coincidences Happen especially when you want them to “

After I got off from the train, it was a bus journey followed by a one in a share auto. These seven seaters should be put in the Guinness book of world records, for they are actually accommodate 14 to 15 seaters, cramped one another but they are cheaper when compared to the other auto rickshaws. It was a big day for me, for the great start i had to it and also because I had to cover a seminar in Microsoft. Wow!! what a company, that is all what we think. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft always have been a dream companies for a lot of youngsters and these companies do not let the people with normal minds, like me to join their firms. You not only need the x factor but also the y and z. You should be from the most reputed institutes in the countries and with the most blessed intelligence. But all i was thinking of was of Karan, my mystery man.

I somehow felt the day was going to be special given the great start, and somehow when you feel good you automatically look good. I looked my best; it’s great to compliment one at times. Rishi, my cameraman though he hates to be called that, since he has a story similar like mine. He claims to have held that DSLR when he was barely 12 and wanted to be a fashion photographer but had ended up here. Our firm thought if two creative minds like his and mine come together we could make wonders. Did we? We were great friends but at work we were true professionals. He picked me on time and I must say, he did give me a good look. And after a drive of 35 KMs I was at the Gachibowli campus of Microsoft, I had always seen it from outside but never got the chance to be on the other side. All I used to see was a group of guys dressed mostly in shorts playing basketball or football. I always thought this was life.

They come from A tier colleges of the country, have had the most awesome hostel life at least most of them, go abroad for their internships and then get white collar jobs in big brands and here not only are they given best of the packages but also the learning, nurture and of course the perks are to die for. But yes they do slog a large part of their school years to make it to big colleges. With all these thoughts in my mind I stepped into the building and signed in the register at the reception just when a guy just walked past me and swiped his card at the door. I felt so much like a guest user with no privileges at all.
The conference started and a lot of powerful people of the organization spoke. They told about the latest acquisitions they had made, and what wonders their products were making throughout their world. Every employee carried a sense of pride and they deserved every bit of it. Imagine one day of your life without MS Office, ITS HELL.
Finally they were winding it up with an Award ceremony where the best performers would be duly appreciated. I was just thinking that what kind of people were they who were best among the best. They were the crème de la crème. I was enthusiastic to this part since I wanted the readers to get inspired from these geniuses and do the best with their life. And at this point it was me who was cribbing most of her work and needed this inspiration the most. Then the name ‘Shikhar Ramchandran’ was called out, and no one came, someone told he was on his way. When all the awards were given away, the name Shikhar Ramchandran was called again. And the guy who came to collect was lad in blue jeans and Green T shirt and he looked like a college goer amongst all the young and old men dressed up in blazers and all formal attire. Yes you are right, it was my Mr. Shoe bite … the only name I could think of for him, but then he wrote his name as Karan, and here it was Shikar. It was messed up. Anyways he was going to be on the cover page of many newspapers for being dressed like that. But to my surprise the none of the journalists there except me seemed to care for him, which was all that I wanted.
I convinced Rishi that we would interview Shikhar back stage and show the people the true Microsoft. This was my only chance and rushed for it. “Hello Shikar, Congratulations” Shikar a.k.a Karan was taken aback, since he now knew he was now being laughed at. But then after a closer look he had recognized me and said “Hey, you..” and I introduced myself properly this time and asked him for an interview. He :Mr. Self-obsessed” happily agreed.
Shikar: So you are a journalist?
Me: I would love call myself that, but no I’m a content writer and btw are you not Karan?
Shikar: hehehehe, yes only for the people special to me.
Me: (Blushing)ahh I see. So did you directly come from station? You are still in the same clothes and you stink.
Shikar: No ways, I almost poured a bottled of deodorant on me, and ya came here directly. Some code had broken and had to be fixed immediately.
Me: Oh so you are a developer? (I know a bit of their jargons) Are you a campus Hire?
Shikar: (Here starts Mr. Shikar’s Biography) Well, I did my bachelors from IIT Delhi and went to do my MS in US. Then came back to India and started working here. Love logic a lot.
Me: Why did you not work there? Generally all of them do to pay back their loans and all.
Shikar: Love for the country ;)( He really winked) Well I was very homesick wanted to come back home to my people.
Me: Oh so were you only missing family or even missing your girlfriend? 😉
Shikhar: You get to the point don you? Well yes I did miss her when I came back here, because I left her behind there.
Me: Oh so you are quite a workaholic.. in the train you were working as well. You did not even change clothes(This was not what I wanted to say)( I wanted to ask him are you single?)
Shikar: Ya I am,Its some how  my passion.So will all of this be published?
Me: No, we will publish only about Microsoft and give an excerpt from this interview probably.
Shikar: That’s nice.
Me: Ok Shikar, nice talking to you. Thanks for your time.

I was walking away thinking that such an eligible bachelor like him cant really consider a part time journalist like me, but a voice called out, “Hey you look stunning today and when you sleep, Free this Saturday? “ That was it, I did not need any other signals from his side. I quietly said, “Yes I am “.  We exchanged our numbers and parted ways…Lovely 🙂